Commercial Fire Keypad

This Fire Keypad is an addressable remote keypad intended for use in commercial fire applications with commercial fire control panels.

Fire Control Panel

Fire Control Panel is an addressable fire alarm control panel and Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter all on one circuit board.

Fire Alarm Pull Station

This is a cost-effective, feature-packed, non-coded series of manual fire alarm pull stations.

Thermal Detector

Thermal detectors are addressable sensors that use a state-of- the-art thermistor sensing circuit for a fast response.

Cellular Alarm Communicator

TCellular Alarm Communicator is available for 3G/4G networks in the U.S., provides backup cellular alarm system markets.


The annunciator is a compact, backlit, 80-character LCD fire annunciator that mimics the Fire Alarm Control Panel display.

Wireless Motion Detector

Wireless Motion Detectors are high-performance sensors featuring sleek, compact designs that are ideal for applications where aesthetics or discretion are critical

Wireless Personal Panic Transmitter

Wireless Personal Panic Transmitters feature sleek, compact, water-resistant designs, multi-wear accessories and more. It may be worn around the neck, on a wristband or as an apparel clip.